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J-----Jane H----Helen M-----Michael(Michael ran very fast in the boys' relay race and his class won first place.)迈克尔在男子接力赛中跑得非常快,他的班级赢得了第一名.J&H:Congratulations!恭喜你!M:Thank you.I'm so excited!谢谢,我很

Unit 1.Topic 1Section C Ann likes sports very much.安非常喜欢运动.She goes cycling twice a week and often goes hiking on Sundays.她每个星期骑两次自行车,而且经常在星期天徒步旅行.She spends half an hour doing exercise in the gym

2013版仁爱英语八年级上册参考译文(unit1)Section A 1a 迈克尔:康康,你好.康康:迈克尔,你好.你要去打篮球吗?我看见你暑假期间几乎每天都打篮球.迈克尔:是呀.你知道,周日我们班和三班要举行一场篮球赛康康:而且这是本

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Dear Sally,I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well.I think you should have a rest,and take some medicine.When you're stressed out,you can listen to some music.You shouldn't study late,that makes you feel tired and stressed out.And I can teach you Putonghua,and I hope you feel better soon .yours,Ivy.这个易懂些

you look excitd .你看上去很兴奋.i feel disappointed . 我感到失望.it tastes delicious.它尝起来很美味.the man seems worried .那个男人似乎很着急.it smells terrible它闻起来很恶心.did she sound upset 她听起来难过吗?she was very sad

I have learned English for many years, as I learn more knowledge about the English, I become more and more passionate to have a look at the world. When I was small, I knew nothing about the world, I believe the place I lived around was the whole

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