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艾薇儿<when you're gone> 《innocence》丹尼尔《free loop》凯莉安德伍德《just a dream》 莉莉艾伦《fuck you》马克特伦茨《love to be loved by you》肖恩沃德《no promises》 mika<relax,take it easy> lenka<trouble is a friend> 宫村优子《it's only the fairly tale》

NO.10 This is what you came for (Calvin Harris,Rihanna,Taylor swift,) 轻松潇洒的曲调,朗朗上口的歌词,很燃的一首歌!由Harris,taylor作词曲,rihanna,taylor演唱.NO.9Stronger(Kelly Clarkson ) 相信很多人都听过这首2013年神曲,此歌曲获

《Never Say Never》《Baby》《Someone Like You》《Rolling In The Deep》《Umbrella》《Somebody To Love》《Pray》《Good Girl Gone Bad》《The Show》《Rich Girl》

1.james blunt-you are beautiful!2.hanson-I will come to you!3.jeff hanson - welcome here4.bryan adans - everything i do i do it for you5.西城男孩 - cry on my shoulder5.舞动精灵王族 far away from home6.西城男孩 - you raise me up - westlife7.michael

1、baby 2、secret 3、fever 4、girlfriend 5、judas 6、the lazy song 7、the last goodbay 8、 tonight9、 wet10、hair

built to last i'll be lovin'u long time we belong together gotta have you don't forget about us without you my all when you believe home-westlife home-chris daughtry inside your heaven because of you through the rain lead the way never so far when you

1.克雷格大卫CRAIG DAVID--7 DAYS 听这首歌时觉得非常爽,英文发音非常流畅,R&B曲风,一种闲适简单的生活调调 2.Backstreet Boys--As Long As You Love Me 节奏感强,Backstreet Boys(后街男孩)相信你一定有所耳闻,这是我最喜欢

我觉得好听又经典的十大英文歌:1.desperadothe eagles老鹰乐队2.the shape of my heartsting斯汀 my life the beatles披头士's my lifebon jovi邦乔维5.we'll rock youqueen皇后乐队6.youngsuede山羊皮(山羊皮是

1.爱的力量 - 席琳迪翁 Celine Dion - The power of love 2.雨中的旋律 - 贾森多诺南 Jason Donovan - Rhythm of the rain 3.因为我爱你 - 沙金斯帝文 Shakins Stevens - Because I Love You 4.带走我的呼吸 - 柏林乐队 Berlin - Take My Breath Away 5.

Brave Anaesthesia Summer Days In Bloom i remember gotta have you When You Say Nothing At All don't know why My Boo un'emergenza d'amore Back at One

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