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这是你想要的不,亲Newton's three important laws牛顿的三个重要法律Things that move obey certain laws. Three important laws of motion were established by Isaac Newton遵守一定的规律移动的东西.三个重要运动定律了艾萨克牛顿

As he recalls how his father warmed the house, the speaker's coldness toward his father starts to melt away. In its place is love and gratitude.这个句子的翻译是:他回想起他的父亲温暖的房子,演讲者对他父亲的冷漠开始融化.取而代之的是爱和感激之情. 请采纳^_^~祝你学习进步~

Empty what is full. 满了就倒. Fill what is empty. 空了就装 Empty what is full, fill what is empty, 永远不让自己空虚,永远不让自己自满

please don't say forever to me , because you never know what will happen in the future

To speak thoughtlessly in a burst of released anger 发言的愤怒爆发释放粗疏no one seriously 没有一人伤势严重 i keep on saying that if gas我一直在说,如果煤气

Among the annoying facing the middle class is one(one是主语)(在这里断开容易理解) that (这个that是定语从句里的主语)will propably go unmentioned in the next presidential campaign转化成中文表述应该是: Among the middle class face

There are more excuses than dreams in the world.The bridge between reality and dreams is filled with the competition between dreams and excuses.

直到MILLI告诉我事实的真相,我才知道这件事 I didn't know the fact until Milli told me the truth.

对的,但我觉得 We all enjoyed a happy weekend.更好,O(∩_∩)O~


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