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Ah mE jApAnEsE18

返字弼利:110431.PPPS.ME!騰宀棒 !

梧爆兆:Roly-Poly in コパカバナ ( Japanese ver.)梧返:T-ara廨辞:Roly-PolyRoly-Poly(Japanese ver.)恬爆S.TIGER|Choi Kyu sung恬S.TIGER|Choi Kyu sung|儲爽徨梧T-ARA ティアラかなりになるBoy アイコンタクトわかって圀しい(ワタシ議


JAPANESE BOYAneka - Japanese Boy He said that he loved me never would go oh oh Now I find I'm sitting here on my own oh oh Was it something I've said or done That made him pack his bags up and run Could it be another he's

厘才NANA祥壓胡胡鞠貧阻晩云墫崗NYLON議撃中.宸戦中 厘 哘乎頁 幡崗霜,NANA頁椎倖晩云輝碕溺處埀出弌防棲栂

They help me ‐with / Japanese.耕協玉囂:help sb with sth 逸廁蝶繁僥楼´´===錬李嬬逸欺低,飛嗤夘諒,辛參弖諒=== 廝低僥楼序化,厚貧匯蚊促!(*^__^*)

梧爆兆:yayaya (Japanese ver)梧返:T-ARA廨辞:yayaya(U look at me Right T-ARA U Ready)Let me seeya LaLaLaLa Love me hey YaYaYaYaShubidubi ShaLaLaLaLa ズキズキ YaYaYaYaLet me seeya LaLaLaLa Love me hey

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